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BIFI is one of the most relevant e-science centres in Spain, both as resource providers and as scientific end-users. Mainly composed by engineers and physicists, the Computing Area includes a large range of activities from technology research, user support, applied research, technology transfer and engagement.

The Cloud infrastructures provide computing resources to a wide range of researches, who have specific or complementary requirements to those offered by the HPC infrastructures. In addition to this, they also serve as a testbed for Spanish and European companies and SMEs, which are willing to adopt these technologies to improve their business model.

In the research line of special purpose computers, BIFI works on the design and construction of machines dedicated to solve very specific problems, like the awarded supercomputer JANUS, based on FPGAs and with relevant scientific results published.

Services Offered

BIFI is an international reference in citizen science activities and leads the volunteer computing project Ibercivis.

BIFI develops activities in different fields: HPC, grid computing, cloud computing, GPUs, dedicated computers (FPGAs) and volunteer computing. The institute operates Caesaraugusta, a supercomputer with 3,072 cores and 25 TFLOPs, which is the current node of Aragón in the RES.

This computing infrastructure is supplemented by more than 10,000 volunteer computing cores (the Ibercivis project) and two special-purpose machines (JANUS I and Janus II) devoted to material science calculations that are equivalent to several thousand cores. BIFI is also in charge of operating CESAR, the Aragon Supercomputing Center that adds state-of-the-art computing facilities to provide service to many end-users in the Aragon region.

The Computing Area offers the following services:

  • Citizen Science
  • Data Analysis, Advanced visualization and Software Development
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Grid and Cloud Computing
  • Special Purpose Computers