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The UAM-LCG2 computer centre is a WLCG Tier-2 site dedicated solely and exclusively to the ATLAS experiment of the LHC collider.

It is located in the High Energy Physics Laboratory of the Universidad Autonoma Madrid (UAM), which is the best ranked Spanish university, specially in Physics.

The UAM mission is both teaching and research. The UAM-LCG2 is operated by some members of the UAM ATLAS group, namely two professors, one engineer and one technician, with the support from engineers and technicians of the UAM for particular topics as the networking or repairs.


Services Offered

It offers to the ATLAS experiment:
– 10358 HS06 as Worker Nodes
– 1.1 PB as disk storage
– a network bandwidth of 10 Gb/s LHCone (exclusive for UAM-LCG2) + 10 Gb/s backup line (shared with UAM)
– the reliability since January 2017 has been 99.7 %
– there is also a Tier-3 for local physicists.

Public web page: www.uam.es/GRID



Technical Support: lcg.support@uam.es

General Questions: lcg.support@uam.es