CIEMAT is a Spanish Public Research Institution dependent on the Ministry of Science and Innovation (http://www.ciemat.es). Since its formation in 1951, it has developed and led R&D projects in the fields of Energy, Environment and Technology, placing the institution at the forefront of science and technology.

CIEMAT created in 2006 the CETA (Centre of Extremadura for Advanced Computing Technologies, http://www.ceta-ciemat.es), as part of the ICT Department, and with support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). CETA is devoted to expand the usage of HTC and HPC technologies throughout research and industry, providing advanced computing services support to researchers, projects and partners in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

The R&D experience of CIEMAT’s ICT department comes from 1960s and its current personnel participates in several EU and National projects devoted to simulation of physical phenomena in plasma, materials and biosciences (either on single codes or implementing workflows and gateways for a user-friendly access) as well as to the improvement of the efficiency of distributed computing tasks.


Services Offered

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HPC: admin.hpc@ceta-ciemat.es
HTC/GRID: admin.grid@ceta-ciemat.es
GENERAL: use@ceta-ciemat.es