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Ibergrid teams are involved in the  development of software to support innovative services for researchers in the European Open Science Cloud framework. IFCA-CSIC, LIP and UPVLC are signatories of the INDIGO-Datacloud Software collaboration agreement, a key Technology provider for the EOSC ecosystem.

Several Ibergrid Software products are included in the official EOSC-Hub service catalog. Find out more about our developments here:


The development and maintenance work is taking place in the framework of several H2020 funded projects:

DEEP Hybrid Datacloud (DEEP)

IFCA-CSIC coordinates the H2020 project DEEP Hybrid Datacloud. The goal of DEEP is to prepare a new generation of e-infrastructures that harness latest generation technologies including specialized hardware and accelerators, supporting deep learning and other intensive computing techniques to exploit very large data sources. LIP  and UPVLC are the other Ibergrid consortium members involved in the project.


EOSC-hub brings together multiple service providers to create the Hub: a single contact point for European researchers and innovators to support the upcoming European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

Extreme DataCloud (XDC)

EXtreme DataCloud aims at developing scalable technologies for federating storage resources and managing data in highly distributed computing environments, as required by the most demanding, data intensive research experiments in Europe and worldwide.