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The team at IFCA-CSIC has developed and maintains a number of tools and software products that are used to support the operation of the EGI Federated Cloud.  The maintenance takes place in the framework of the project EOSC-Hub.


cASO is an OpenStack Accounting extractor that is used in the EGI Federate Cloud to produce the cloud accounting records.

It gets usage information from nova or ceilometer APIs and can generate valid output for Apel SSM or logstash.

OPIE: OpenStack Preemptible Instances Extensions

opie is the materialization of the preemptible instances extension serving as a reference implementation.

Preemptible instances only differ from regular ones in that they are subject to be terminated by a incoming request for provision of a normal instance. If bidding is in place, this special type of instance could also be stopped by a higher priority preemptible instance (higher bid). Not all the applications are suitable for preemptible executions, only fault-tolerant ones can withstand this type of execution. On the other side they are highly affordable VMs that allow providers to optimize the usage of their available computing resources (i.e. backfilling).

This package provides a set of pluggable extensions for OpenStack Compute (nova) making possible to execute preemptible instances using a modified filter scheduler.

OpenStack-VOMS Keystone module

This module is intended to provide VOMS authentication to a Mitaka OpenStack Keystone. It is designed to be integrated as an external authentication plugin, so that Keystone will preserve its original features and users will still be able to authenticate using any of the Keystone native mechanisms.