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The IBERGRID through its partner organizations has been deeply involved in the areas of software quality assurance, release management and rollout, supporting the development and production activities of several international initiatives and projects.



Since 2010, IBERGRID has been delivering software management services to the EGI global infrastructure supporting the software validation for the EGI federated e-Infrastructure. These activities encompass the two EGI middleware distributions UMD (Unified Middleware Distribution)  and CMD (Cloud Middleware Distribution).

P. Orviz, J. Pina, A. López, I. Campos, M. David, J. Gomes. “umd-verification: Automation of Software Validation for the EGI Federated e-Infrastructure


European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)

Within the context of the EOSC-hub project, IBERGRID is contributing to the software management for the EOSC initiative including software  Configuration, Change, Release and Deployment management.



European projects

IBERGRID collaborates in delivering software quality assurance and  software validation within international projects. Recent examples are:
INDIGO-DataCloud, DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud, and eXtreme DataCloud.