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Ibergrid supports actively the execution of containers in HPC systems using udocker as user level tool.  In this section we provide basic examples on udocker execution on HPC systems.

Single core execution: Mastercode

Mastercode is a set of complex (in terms of dependencies) particle physics phenomenology codes which requires the installation of a large set of libraries.

Using udocker Mastercode can run as a container in HPC systems. More details and instructions to be found in this link.

MPI Parallel Jobs: OpenQCD

OpenQCD is an advanced code to run Lattice QCD simulations. Instructions on how to run MPI jobs on low latency interconnects using udocker can be found in this link.

Accessing GP/GPUs

Using udocker it is possible to access directly hardware accelerators. Instructions on how to run on GP/GPUs can be found here.