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The activities of IBERGRID in EOSC span in a number of EU and Nationally funded projects. In this page we provide the pointers to the relevant projects for each activity.

==> Learn about EOSC in practice

==> How does EOSC look in Spain and Portugal?

==> The EOSC Computing Platform

IBERGRID is the biggest provider of Cloud resources in the EGI Federation.

The integration of infrastructures is being coordinated int he framework of the project EOSC-synergy.

==> EOSC Data Spaces

Expanding the capacity of the EOSC poses the challenge of making sure that any scientific data and thematic services made available can be considered to implement the FAIR principles. These principles advocate for making research data, software and other digital outputs of research as Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable as possible. 

==> Platform Services

  • DEEP PaaS – Explore the DEEP marketplace for a selection of applications and ready to use modules for machine and deep learning applications.
  • OSCAR: Open Serverless computing platform for data-processing applications.

==> Thematic Services for Researchers

==> Fostering EOSC adoption via Service Quality Assurance 

EOSC-synergy dedicates a work package to streamline the processes related to quality service development and safe adoption of EOSC.

We are improving service quality and reward adherence to EOSC standards through an EOSC SQA qualification/stamp. Our aim is enabling the automatized assessment of service quality, conformance and compliance. We foster EOSC adoption by promoting the uptake of quality standards and best practices applied to services, reducing issues and improving maintainability.

==> Federation and Software Services

IBERGRID is responsible for the validation of the main software stack of EGI. This includes:

  • Software management services: IBERGRID team is responsible for the software management and release of the middleware that enables the Federated Cloud operations. 
  • EGI Software repository: the IBERGRID team maintains the EGI Software repository in a duplicated installation at LIP and IFCA-CSIC.

This work is co-funded by the EGI.eu Foundation, the projects EGI-ACE and EOSC-Future and IBERGRID.